Chimney Rock New Management

The Morses at the time, Todd and Lucius III, became directors of the park and took a more active role in running the park. This led to a large number of improvements in the park as they began directly overseeing improvement, maintenance, and expansion of trails, parking lots, building, and restructuring of the park. Though the park had long been a blend of tourism and conservation the Morses wanted to increase conservation efforts in the park. The pair allowed two UNC Charlotte professors to survey the area and when the professors discovered a large amount of diversity of plants geological features the Morses decided to open up the park even more. Soon enough the park warmly welcomed botany, geology, environmental, and all kinds of other natural science professors and their students. This led to an increased understanding of the biodiversity found in Chimney Rock and allowed for better development of trails and a better understanding of the amount of endangered plants and animals that lived in the park. 1 2


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